Rotary cam switch series GA is the new series of rotary cam switches protected from inadvertent touch (DIN/EN61140).

Per each switching element this switch has 4 contacts. Switch can have max. 12 control positions and 12 switching elements (48 contacts) with turning angle of 30°, 45°, 60° or 90°.

This cam switch is used in applications where available depths behind the mounting plates are limited and the switching programs require a large number of contacts.

Standard mounting forms:
– front mounting – U –
– rear mounting – O –
– plastic enclosure – P –

Technical data

Switch type Mounting size / mm Norme: IEC 60947 – 1, 3
Rated insulation voltage
Rated thermal current Motor switch 3x400V
Ui (V) lth (A) AC-23A (kW) AC-3 (kW)
GA20 A1 / 65 x 65 690 20 7,5 5,5
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