Rotary cam switches

Rotary cam switches are produced for rated current up to 1200A. They are used as motor switches, load switches and switches for main control and auxiliary circuits.

The switches are supplied in an open version, as front-mounted and rear mounted, in plastic casing with a protection degree up to IP65, and in metal casing with a protection degree up to IP54.

They are executed with a maximum of twelve switching elements and twelve control positions, and with five sizes of front plate and control handle.

Bearing in mind the scope of technical and safety requirements, depending on application, place and mode of mounting, and the size of the front plate, the company offers over 80 special versions, produced in over three hundred standard and about 8000 special switching programmes.

The cam switches comply with IEC 60947 and many international and national standards.The high level of technical characteristics has been proved by the examinations carried out at domestic and foreign laboratories (for ex. KEMA-KEUR and CSA approving marks) which ensures remarkable presence on the world market.

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